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Arts and Environmental Project, Swnt, Moelfre

Moelfre Partnership’s Art and Environmental project was officially opened by Albert Owen Anglesey Member for Parliament on Friday 12th July 2013 at Swnt, Moelfre.

Albert Owen MP noted that it was another notable point of interest along the Moelfre to Lligwy coastal path – adding to the Dic Evans statue, Royal Charter panels, Hindlea seat, and the Royal Charter monument – it is one of the most popular walked paths on the island, over 13,000 having walked the path during April, May and June 2013.

Keith Shone and Sam Holland said that ‘Abstract Art is art in which objects, people and places are depicted in simplified arrangements of shapes, lines, textures, and colours’ and that the design was open to people’s own interpretation’.

The aim was in creating a modern piece of work reflecting the island’s history – the three standing stones representing different periods of Ynys Mon, the prehistory, the bronze age and the influence of the Celts, while the stainless steel represents the industry and the modern age all set within circles of Anglesey marble, the geology of the land.


This project was funded by the Welsh Government’s Rural Development Plan for Wales, Isle of Anglesey County Council being the lead body, and administered by Menter Môn (linc) under their ‘Village Enhancement Fund.

Isle of Anglesey Charitable Trust match funded some programmes under the Rural Development Plan including the ‘Village Enhancement Fund’

Medrwn Môn ( contributed financially in meeting the statutory rights and legal documentation associated with the project.

Keith Shone local artist who designed the hard standing viewing platform and abstract centre piece, was involved from idea to implementation, advising on materials, texture and colour

Sam Holland ( was also consulted on the project, and fabricated the abstract centre-piece

Arwel Griffith and Gary Thomas, local contractors for their high quality work in completing this project.

Justin Kellett Aber Quarry Moelfre ( for supplying the local welsh stone and slate for this project.

Bryn Wylfa Syndicate for agreeing to a long term lease in allowing Moelfre Partnership to improve the unsightly old coastguard site, and create a modern viewing platform and abstract centre-piece.

Moelfre Partnership members for their support and involvement in overseeing this project

Moelfre Community School for playing their part in the official opening





Menter Mon


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