The sea around Moelfre, Lligwy and Dulas is sometimes home to bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins
and harbour porpoise. This page tracks the latest sightings of them in the area, to help you plan your
dolphin-watching walk or boat ride, or just to keep you informed of their whereabouts.

We included an article in the first edition of Moelfre News Winter 2003 on Dolphins and Porpoises. A number of people had been asking why so many dolphins and porpoises were seen swimming off the coast of Anglesey, and particularly in the Moelfre area.


In 2003 the RSPCA’s press officer stated ‘It is not uncommon to see dolphins around Anglesey, a family of bottle-nosed dolphins live in Cardigan Bay, and this type is known to travel great distances. It is difficult to say why more sea creatures than usual are to be seen at certain times, but one possible reason, in view of the distribution of different types of fish, is a change in sea temperature, enabling some fish to move further north. It is possible that a change in the types of fish found off the coast of Anglesey is responsible for bringing the dolphins closer to shore’